Stringing, Rackets, Squash Balls, Grips!

Squashstringing London


My name is Peter and I offer quality stringing of squash and badminton rackets.

Contact me by;

Phone  519 476 4410

Email   peter@squashstringing.com

and drop your rackets off at my house (e-mail me for directions)., or meet me @ Goodlife Galleria or @Athletic Club North


The strings I currently have are from Xamsa Squash and Pro Supex- Racquet Service Team.

Prices includes strings and stringing;

Xamsa Senze and Zoft (squash)                                $20

Xamsa Forze                  (squash)                                   $25

Pro Supex Challenger XL (badminton)                   $15

Pro Supex Zing! Ultra (badminton)                         $15

I also Squash and Badminton rackets that you can try out while I restring your existing rackets. The rackets sell for $50-100 and are really great to play.

Check out the "Squash Store" page for prices on strings, rackets and accessories.